Frequently Asked Questions

  Q: What is Crazy Browser?
  A: Crazy Browser is a 100% real free freeware. It is fully multithreaded and it means that you can open several web pages simultaneously in one session. It is customizable, providing options for changing the way Crazy Browser looks and operates.
  Q: How can I see another language on the Crazy Browser screen?

From the View menu select Languages, and then choose the language you'd like to use.
Don't see your language on the list? Click here.

  Q: Is Crazy Browser spyware?
  A: Crazy Browser is Freeware, not adware or spyware! Crazy Browser will never send any data to us or any third party!
  Q: How to make Crazy Browser my default browser?
  A: On the Tools menu, click Default Browser -> Crazy Browser.
  Q: How to change the Home page?
  A: Open the Advanced Options dialog box -> Start up
Enter your home page URL, then click ok.