September 20, 2011: Crazy Browser 3.10 released

  • Some minor tweaks
  • IE9 support

April 26, 2010: Crazy Browser 3.05 released

  • Some minor tweaks
  • Some new features, such as Lock Tab, Mark Tab, Organize Groups

February 12, 2010: Crazy Browser 3.03 released

  • Some minor tweaks
  • Bugs Fixed
  • When Browser is in "Tabbed Interface" mode and the option "Always Activate New Tab" is checked, the browser never activate new tabs
  • Some Download Manager do not start automaticity

February 6, 2010: Crazy Browser 3.01 released

  • New Features
  • Safe Recovery
  • The Groups and Reopen features restore the page state, such as: Session History, Zoom Scale, Download options, AutoRefresh interval
  • ...

  • Bugs Fixed
  • Favicons display incorrect
  • ...

April 14, 2009: Crazy Browser 3.0 RC2 released

  • New Features
  • Add RSS Auto-Discovery.
  • Add Shift + Right-click on image: Show the Add to Content Filter dialog.
  • Add Ctrl + Right-click on image: Quick save image to My Pictrue directory.
  • Add support for Keyboard Zoom Slider.
  • Add Ctrl + Mouse wheel zoom Web page.

  • Bugs Fixed
  • Sometimes Tabs disappear.
  • Improve multi-monitor support.

April 4, 2008: Crazy Browser 3.0 RC1 released

  • Full compatible with Windows Vista.

  • Support for favicon.

  • New designed MDI interface. A great enhance for wide screen displays or large screen displays.

  • Some minor updates..

February 12, 2006: Crazy Browser 3.0 Beta2 released

  • Easy RSS Reader
    It's very easy to use, when you find a RSS link, just click it, Crazy Browser will convert it to a readable html page automatically, you can even add a RSS link to your Favorites!

  • Add a menu item (Content Filter) on the Options menu,
    Enable/Disable the Content Filter more quickly.

  • Improved Flash Blocking (Content Filter)

  • Some minor updates...

Bugs fixed

  • Autoupdate bugs
  • Some add-ons do not show on the options form
  • Searchbar autocomplete bug
  • Sometimes favorites do not refresh
  • Some bugs with proxy bypass.

January 19, 2006: Crazy Browser 3.0 Beta1 released

  • Content Filter (Ad Blocker, Content Blocker)
    This is the most important update. With Content Filter (Ad Blocker, Content Blocker) you can prevent the download of banner ads and unwanted contents. It speeds your surfing and protects your online privacy by blocking banner ads, unwanted contents, graphics, Macromedia flash ads, harmful ActiveX controls ...
    Web pages are easier to read without the flashing banner ads and pop-up ads!

    On the Options menu -> Advanced Options -> Content Filter.

  • History Eraser
    History Eraser is designed to clean up the unwanted data on your computer with one click. It allows you to erase the URLs typed in Address bar, temporary internet files, history, cookies, autocomplete form entries, autocomplete passwords, Windows run history, find/search history, recent documents, temporary files directory.

    On the Options menu -> Advanced Options -> History Eraser.

  • Proxy Manager
    Manage dozens of proxy server and switch more quickly.

    On the Toos menu -> Proxy.
    On the Options menu -> Advanced Options -> Manage Proxy.

  • Some minor updates...

July 29, 2005: Crazy Browser 2.0.1 released

  • New Options: Favorites sort by name (Advanced Options->General->Favorites sort by name)
  • New Mouse Navigation : Previous Tab (UL), Next Tab (UR)
  • Update notify
  • Memory manager (Available for Winows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or later. If the browser become unstable, please disable this feature)

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a Favorites menu order problem
  • Fixed Toolbar position incorrect after restore backup settings.

June 21, 2005: Crazy Browser 2.0 released

  • Drag and drop from sidebar favorites
    Drag and drop to customize the favorites menu order

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a organize group bug
  • Some minor bugs fixed (Home page, search form address bar...)
  • Fixed some problems with Windows XP x64 Edition

June 5, 2005: Crazy Browser 2.0 RC3 released

  • Greatly increased the speed of favorites menu
  • Favorites menu allow right click context menu
  • Totally new designed sidebar favorites and history
  • Drag and drop from address bar
  • Search bar allow drop text
  • Mouse wheel switch tabs

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a serious bug that makes Crazy Browser unstable with some computer
  • Sometimes Ctrl + Tab, Ctrl + Shitf + Tab reversed
  • Mouse Navigaton Back and Forward reversed
  • Sometimes StatusBar position incorrect

May 2, 2005: Crazy Browser 2.0 RC2 released

Bugs fixed:

  • Some Plugins do not show on the Plugin toolbar
  • Favorites menu order incorrect under nonEnglish Windows XP

April 29, 2005: Crazy Browser 2.0 RC1 released

  • Added support for Browser Helper Objects (BHO)
    By loading BHO, Crazy Browser can integrate with most download managers.
  • Added support for Plug-ins (Script, Exe, COM)
  • Added Zooming Web page
  • Advanced Options dialog: added Controlling Download and Execution
  • Favorites menu order is now customizable.
    Press Ctrl + B to customize the order.
  • Customizable Mouse Navigation (Mouse Gesture)
  • Search bar with Highlight and "Find next" button
  • ......

Some Bugs fixed.

January 02, 2005:

Crazy Browser 2.0 Beta 1 released
(There are not many new features, This is just a beta version, many, many more new features not included)

  • Added support for Multi-Document Interface, it also support for the original Tabbed Interface. Just open the Advanced Options dialog to change the Interface mode.
  • Enhanced Smart Pop-up Blocker
  • Enhanced Organize Groups
  • Added support for Windows XP SP2 Information bar.
  • ......

Some Bugs fixed.

04/04/2002: Crazy Browser 1.05 released

  • Full Windows XP Theme support. Cool!
  • Smart Popup Filter (Block Popups automatically, no more popup ads). Cool!
  • Disable Popups when browser tabs closing (optional)
  • Middle mouse button click on links open on new tab. Cool!
  • Customizable ToolBar and MenuBar
  • Lock the ToolBars
  • New full-screen mode
  • Improved Domain Completion
  • Open Link dialog (CTRL + L)
  • ......

Bugs fixed

  • Read mail now load your default EMail Client.
  • ......


Crazy Browser 1.01 released


Crazy Browser 1.0 released!